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MLS Partners and LSE UnaVista Partnership

MLS Partners is delighted to announce a consulting partnership agreement with UnaVista, a subsidiary of the London Stock Exchange. The partnership combines UnaVista’s award winning regulatory reporting services with MLS Partners’ deep expertise within the commodities market space.
This will allow us to deliver robust regulatory solutions tailored to the physical and financial commodities markets across a range of UK and European regulatory regimes.

Upon announcing the agreement, Darren Lampert, Consulting partner at MLS Partners commented “The breadth and depth of regulatory requirements continues to expand, but the nuances of how to apply regulatory obligations within the commodities space is often less defined.  By utilising our own deep expertise within the global commodities markets, coupled with UnaVista’s leading trade repository and ARM capabilities, we believe this offers a fantastic model to support our customers as the requirements continue to evolve.”

About UnaVista
UnaVista is an award-winning technology platform from the London Stock Exchange Group. UnaVista helps firms to reduce operational and regulatory risk through a range regulatory reporting, reference data and analytics solutions.
UnaVista | LSEG Unavista is part of the London Stock Exchange Group plc, a United Kingdom-based stock exchange and financial information company headquartered in the City of London, England.
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About MLS Partners
MLS Partners is a boutique commodities specialist advisory firm focussing on regulatory compliance and risk management with a global offering. We support clients by providing a range of industry subject matter experts, available whenever you need them.  
Each of our experts has worked extensively within the commodities and compliance industry, often spanning senior roles as compliance heads, regulatory advisors, risk managers, or technical specialists.  Our expertise in physical and financial commodities spans all markets including oil and product, energy and renewables, agricultural, base, and precious metals, and dry bulk and freight.

We provide our clients with a ‘virtual’ team of industry specialists, scalable based on need, and always available on demand. By supplementing local teams with expert guidance, and only utilising our specialists when needed, the cost is dramatically less than recruiting full-time subject matter experts in-house.
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